Monday Musings: Nairobi Matatu Culture

I am in a Citi Hoppa bus no 46 heading to New Life (story for another day) and I am angry.

The Matatu Culture in Nairobi has become unbearable for me.

Touts shouting at you telling you where their mats are going as if you don’t already know…

Touts shoving you and touching you inappropriately trying to get you to get in their car …

Beggars guilt trippping you into “toa kitu kidogo Mungu atakuona” contributing to their whatever (I almost said something worse)

I need a car!

I know it kinda sounds elitist but guys, siwesmek!

I’m literally done!

Now I know why people take loans to buy cars. It is hard out here guys. 

Kama unaeza afford gari nunua!

Because I am just tired.

Anyone with me?