Hey men!!🙋🏽 🙋🏽 How about a little advice on the #Nurse ☺☺


hello lovelies!!!! I hope your day is coming along well, despite the cold and your week was good. TGIF!!! I have a friend whose favorite day of the week is Friday!!! Not saying its you Joy (Eye emoji).

SO today I would like to talk about the man purse also known as the MURSE. It is a new trend altogether and we have famous celebrities who wear them and defend them such as Indiana Jones. There is a lot of skeptical people who are yet to embrace the fact that a man may soon gracing our streets with purses.

I know what you are thinking, How is this possible?? Why do they need the purse anyway? They do not need to carry makeup and stuff….or do they????

Well men today need to carry a lot more things than the man of a few decades ago. With increasing interest and health…

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