#MondayMusings: When will @KideroEvans improve this city?

Nairobi is my home. It has been for the last nearly 30 years. I was born here, grown up here and continue to live here. I love it here!

Well… sometimes, not so much!

Not when I see such!


And let’s not forget this fiasco!

Like seriously! Is it that Kenyans (or maybe just Africans) are plagued with stupidity and ignorance that we keep letting such to go on? When are we going to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE? Okay, maybe not the best expression to use since how many of us really drink coffee? Hmm… what’s a proper Kenyan expression to use? Umm… When are we going to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE KETEPA?

Really folks. WE are the ones who vote these people in.

WE are responsible for the irresponsibility of our leaders.



Every time you BRIBE a cop.

Every time you GIVE TKK.

Every time you act with IMPUNITY by pushing into matatus instead of queuing like a sober human being.

Every time you SHRUG your shoulders at injustice you see happening around you instead of doing something.

Every time you KEEP QUIET when the matatu driver is driving wrecklessly.

Every time you LOOK AWAY when the cops shika the mat you’re in and insists on a bribe.

Every time you see all this happening and DO NOTHING we perpetuate IMPUNITY.

Mpaka lini?

When are we really going to start taking control of our city? WHEN?

Speaking of which, there is a strike going on on the Kasarani Mwiki Road. The matatu operators have blocked the road to protest the dilapidated state of the road. I live in Hunters Kasarani and trust me, I wasn’t too keen on moving these sides the first time I came looking for a house. This road is terrible. If I was a car owner I would shed tears every time my car hit a pothole and believe me by the time I got home I would be all dried up! Tears that is!

It is so bad that some vijanas keep trying to fill those holes with stones and rubble while asking for some change for the work from drivers on the road but it never solves the problem.

It is funny too because it is the same road that serves the holding office for China WuYi – the guys responsible for the Thika Super Highway. Ironic I know! Makes you wonder when they would do something about it.

And who is responsible for Kasarani? Ding ding ding!

Njoroge was arraigned before the Anti-Corruption Court in Milimani following his arrest on Wednesday by the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission/CFMNAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 4 – Kasarani Member of Parliament John Njoroge has been charged for soliciting a bribe of Sh100,000 from a construction firm.

Njoroge who becomes the first Member of Parliament to face graft related offences since the March 4 General Election has denied the charges and was released on a Sh1.5 million cash bail or an alternative bond of Sh3 million.

As a resident of Kasa, what am I to expect? Seriously? Anything??? UGH!!


Anyway, ni hayo kwa sasa, endelea na kile ulichokua unafanya.



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