Jalada 04A: Pronounce it like a Poet’s Woman


Victor 6

Courtesy of Victor Ehikhamenor

Part 1

»“Masira Mar Sero Jajuok” by Richard Oduor Oduku ・ “Matobo Hills” by Tsitsi Jaji ・ “Of African literature and the language and the politics of the stories” by Ikhide R. Ikheloa ・ “Msema Pweke Hakosi” by Alexis Teyie ・ “A Day to Die” by Abiola Oni ・ « Pneu Secours » par Edwige-Renée DRO ・ “An Empty Wall” by Moses Kilolo ・ “Painter of Water” by Gbenga Adesina ・ “The Chase” by Sitawa Namwalie ・ “Buhariyya / Buharism” by Sada Malumfashi ・ «

First Interlude: Rise, a Song by Siphiwe Nzima

Part 2

»“Pronounce it like a Poet’s Woman” by Linda Musita ・ “Becoming” by Tolase Ajibola ・ “Misimbwa” by Lutivini Majanja and Edwin Afwayi ・ “Only Will” by Richard Ali ・ “Mũtungati wa Mbere” by Njagi Brian ・ “Umduli Ongelalutho” Ilotshwe nguMoses Kilolo ・ “Dopaquel” by Efemia Chela ・

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