[MarieClaire] I Can’t Afford to Transition: The Unseen Costs of Being Transgender in 2015

Ari Klamka, 28, is a lot like his peers—when he found himself in need of money for a special project, he created a GoFundMe page. But he wasn’t looking to make a movie, or support a charity, or run a marathon. He was looking for the right to become himself.

Klamka is transgender, and he’s facing an unfortunately common problem in the modern landscape of transgender issues: The cost of fully transitioning is prohibitively expensive.

“I’ve legally changed my name and gone through countless physical and social changes over the past two years,” Klamka writes on his GoFundMe page. “Though the next step I will be taking is the biggest and most important to me.” It’s not just a chest reconstructive surgery he has to pay for, but the doctors’ visits, pain medications, continued hormones, and lost wages from taking time off to recover. His job as a veterinary assistant offers insurance, but it won’t cover his needs.

See more… http://www.marieclaire.com/culture/news/a15164/transgender-operation-procedure-costs/


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