Love Wins…

While we celebrate #MarriageEquality in the US, let’s not forget the still existing racial drama…

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I am supposed to be happy today, Marriage Equality has passed, and now, (as soon as one will have me) I can legally marry a man in America. This news is supposed to make me jump for joy and do cartwheels about “progress” and how “liberal” the USA has become… yet I find my intersections grating against each other. The fact that the funeral for Reverend Senator Clementa Pinckney, (who was murdered with 8 others by racist terrorist Dylann Roof) is taking place today makes me pause in anger and sadness. Where we have made great strides in LGBTQ rights, we seem to be back in 1954 when it comes to race.

Today, I went to Best Buy to purchase some things for school in the fall. I needed to compare prices on printers and I walked into the store, right up the the three printers I had priced online…

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