Punishment and homosexuality in our ‘cherished culture’ [by @Keguro_]

By Keguro MachariaHOME

Posted  Saturday, August 30  2014 at  13:11

Any vision of Kenya that advocates killing Kenyans should give us pause.
A recent proposal that those convicted of aggravated homosexuality should be publicly stoned raises important questions about the role of punishment in Kenyan law and tradition.

Proposed by the Republican Liberty Party, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill seeks “to protect the traditional family” and “to protect the cherished culture of the people of Kenya.”

In claiming to “protect . . . culture,” the Bill attempts to embed itself within traditional Kenyan practices. Consequently, the Bill requires that we pay close attention to how Kenya’s traditional cultures understood punishment and, where applicable, how they punished homosexual acts.

According to philosopher John Mbiti, “In traditional life, the individual does not and cannot exist alone.” Instead, the individual is “simply part of the whole.”

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