#KenyaAHB: Kenya Be Joking!

No, seriously. Kenya is kidding around. And I’m not even laughing.

“Draft bill proposes harsh penalties against gays – Daily Nation”

Like seriously. They want to beat up and jail homosexuals for loving each other.

For real.

(c) Daily Nation

I’m sorry, but I’m not getting it.

What for?

Ati to save the family? Huh? What family? With such high divorce rates, what family are you saving? Do straight people REALLY make better parents?

And what about the high HIV prevalence rates amongst men who have sex with men???

What about Uhuru Kenyatta’s promise back in July to ensure the sustainability of the AIDS response in Kenya?

What about other issues?

  • Our youth don’t have jobs
  • Our parliament is always squabbling
  • The county reps are never in agreement
  • We are being led by perpetrators of PEV
  • Ngong road still doesn’t look like Thika Super Highway (yep, I’m kinda selfish here!)

SERIOUSLY?? Kenya, stop kidding around here.

If you want to see more Kenyans dying, endeleeni vivyo hivo!!

I’m done!


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