Finding love when you are in your thirties, working and female ( An adaptation of Getting Personal by Chris Manby)

July 14, 2011 at 9:33am | By Anonymous

Let’s assume Nairobi has a population of about seven million people. That is just a random guess cause judging by the number of Coast Bus buses or Matunda Buses that stream into the city daily it might as well be double of what we have written down. So, seven million folks of whom fifty one per cent are female, that leaves roughly three million four hundred and thirty thousand men. Of whom twenty per cent will be under eighteen, immediately cutting the field to two million seven hundred and forty four thousand. Of whom at least thirty per cent will be over fifty, narrowing down the number of men that Kui ( our character who is looking for a husband) could consider snogging on a suitable age alone to one million nine hundred and twenty one thousand.

Discount from that one million nine hundred and twenty one thousand the ten per cent likely to be gay, one million seven hundred and twenty nine thousand. Approximately fifty percent will be married that leaves eight hundred and sixty four thousand. Fifty per cent of those remaining would be seriously attached (engaged, cohabiting, baby daddies etc) bringing the total of available men in Nairobi between the ages of eighteen and fifty to four hundred and thirty two thousand. Discount from that the number of men who are priests (you know you can never compete with God). Twenty five thousand? Probably more.  The number living with their mothers, those in mental institutions, those in prisons serving life sentences; fiftty thousand perhaps? You think more? okay, lets say seventy thousand.


Divide that by the percentage of men that SHE would actually  like -like enough to date, that is (judging by the men of her acquaintance that is in the region of one in thirty three  or three per cent). And before you take into account matters of religion, political differences, level of maturity, physical attractiveness, personality, ability to provide, level of knowledge or skills and the fact that nine out of ten men prefer witless campus divas and Vera Sidikas to thirty something women of the world. The number of single men in Nairobi that SHE could realistically hope to shack up with has dwindled from almost three and a half million to less than one hundred thousand.


To that less than a hundred thousand figure, she figures (using a computational method entirely different than the one she had used to whittle down the boys) her competition is at least two million girls. All of whom are simply bound to be better looking, funnier and more successful than she was. Given that hogwash of the ratio of men to women being one to five, the hopes of getting her ‘own’ boyfriend are being dashed by such shocking statistics.



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