That Michael Sam Kiss!

Ever seen something that makes your eyes light up?? Check this out >>

Okay fine, it’s two guys kissing. Not so new right? But think again, this isn’t just any other guy – this is Michael Sam! First openly gay NFL player and to have come out before he was drafted… that’s something! Maybe not in Kenya, but pretty something.

To me, sports – and especially American football/Rugby and such types of sports – are quite male-dominated, testosterone filled and with a sizeable amount of male followers with equally masculine traits and aura.

So seeing this ‘macho’ uber-masculine guy kiss his (presumed) boyfriend on national TV, my eyes lit up! Not because of his muscles, damn those muscles!, naah, but because of the barriers broken in the process.

I’m speaking of masculinity barriers. All those “men should be xxxx or yyyyy” type of barriers and rules and what-have-you. I’m pretty sure all those macho/masculine men didn’t like it much, or I could be wrong.

For centuries masculinity has been touted as being a certain way. And one of those ways is NOT kissing other men. For an NFL player like Michael Sam, I tend to think that its really gone all the way.

All in all, I love this. I just love how it goes off book. Yeah, we knew about him being gay, but I don’t think peeps expected that kiss!

Congrats on the draft Michael!


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