Sauti Sol Gay? So What!?

Ehe.. ati people went around saying how Sauti Sol are gay… and I was like, huh? So what? What does their music have to do with who they sleep with? Who cares if they’re gay or not? Does that in any way make their music any less interesting? SMH!

I like the statement they released though!

We were not interviewed or quoted by any of those blogs trying to drag our name in ridiculous and outrageous gossip stories. That viral information is wrong and defamatory and we will be taking legal action against the bloggers responsible. We also wish to distance ourselves from all that false information they claim. The band members of Sauti Sol would all like to keep our personal private lives including that of our family and friends private and respected. We also shun the online vile attack mislead on gay people. We do not advocate for such behavior and respect all people, regardless of sex or their sexual preferences. We wish to discourage our fans and everyone from participating in such a Trending Topic moving forward and urge Kenyans to stay away from cyber bullying.

Key words: “online vile attack on gay people” “respect all people, regardless of sex or their sexual preferences” “stay away from cyber bullying”.

It is unfortunate that there are still some characters who feel it best to make it look like being gay is a bad thing and hence, calling anyone “gay” renders their name and credibility to the mud. Popycock! So what if someone is gay? So what if they’re lesbian? Or bisexual? Or trans? So what? It doesn’t render them incapable of cooking, or singing, or dancing, or being a human being!



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