Lupita Nyong’o on 12 Years A Slave

You gotta love Lupita Nyong’o. She’s beautiful, intelligent, sassy, down-to-earth… as in that kinda girl you’d love to be. But don’t be her, emulate her.

She’s known for her indie film “In My Genes” that tackled the less discussed issues about albinism, and was lead character in the MTV Staying Alive AIDS campaign “Shuga I”. She’s a great actress (or actor, if you’re American!) and recently appeared as a feature actress at the acclaimed film “12 Years A Slave”.

In her interview with Vanity Fair Magazine, it was said:

It has been a whirlwind year for the Kenyan actress. After filming 12 Years a Slave shortly after her graduation from Yale’s School of Drama, Nyong’o barely had time to decompress from the psychologically draining experience before moving all of her worldly possessions to Brooklyn. “I had no time to just chill,” she explained. She said that her only way of unwinding from Patsey during this hectic time was the occasional massage, plus “meditation, listening to music, and eating good food.” While other acting peers might be jealous of a classmate who is getting Oscar buzz a year after graduation, Nyong’o says that her classmates “are thrilled” for her. “I come from a very close class. I lucked out because drama schools are often very competitive . . . I have fourteen classmates.” She admitted that while she’s trying to keep her hopes tempered, they would be upset if she does not get any nominations come winter.

I am so happy for her, and also happy for Kenya for having her on the set.

Another great Kenyan actor is Edi Gathegi, the guy who acted in Twilight as the leader of the bad guys. Remember him?



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