Someone snatched my phone…[Part 2]

Someone snatched my phone,
Along Muringa road,
In a yellow tee he was,
And with his two other friends,
He crossed over and snatched it,
Right off my hands…

“Madam majina yako kamili tafadhali?”
The policeman inquired, writing on his pad,
“I’m still in shock, kifua yangu ni mbaya sana”
I told him, staring into space, still baffled,
“A..alicross barabara halafu akasnatch simu…”
The memory of it still fresh in mind…

Do I feel sorry for him for being beaten up?
Do I feel angry at him for snatching my phone?
Do I ask the mob not to continue pelting him with stones?
Do I sit back and let them perform justice on my behalf?
Do I cry and hope that he changes some day?
Do I pray that he dies since I still don’t have my phone?

What can we do as a society to change this?
When will we ever lean that it’s a man eat man society?
Is it for us to change the situation?
Close our blinds, look up and move on?
When will it ever end?
When will the madness stop?

He had nothing to lose, nothing to gain…
He was a statistic, just another loser in Nairobi…
Trying to survive the best way he knew,
Best way in his mind, not the best for everyone…
It’s easy to judge, say that he should have gotten a job,
But think about it, is it really that easy?

[End of Part 2]


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