Someone snatched my phone…[Part 1]

Someone snatched my phone,
On Muringa Road. In a yellow tee,
He wasn’t alone, was with two other dudes,
In black tees,
He crossed over and snatched it…

Shock, disbelief, screams
“Mwizi! Mshike huyo mwizi!”
I screamed.
Cars pass by, people avoid him.
He teases me with dodges on the road…

“Mwizi! Wuuuwi mwizi!!” I go on,
Heave, pant, choke, cough
Down on my knees I go,
Heave, pant, choke, cough, tears,
Anxiety, asthma, damn…where’s that inhaler?

Choke, heave, couch, tears
I can’t breathe…
Rummage through bag…no inhaler..
Tears, choke, heave, choke, puke…
I still can’t breathe, can’t talk

“Madam, ni huyu? Huyu na t-shirt ya yellow?”
I look over, trembling, shaking, tears on my eyes, choking,
I nod… I fall on all fours, choke some more, puke a little,
“Don’t kill him please…” I ask the ladies helping me
“Tafuta inhaler yake, she’s having an asthma attack”

“Take me to Rosami,” I ask the ladies
In the good samaritan’s car I go, just a minute away
“Relax Barbra, you’ll be fine” I tell myself
Calming down…less heaving, less choking, breathing gets easier
“Did they kill him?” I wonder

[End of part one]


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