Audrey Mbugua is NOT a Man!


I’m busy sifting through emails and what do I bump into…


That’s the title that they’ve used in their story.

As in REALLY??!!

They make me wanna pull my hair!!

Audrey Mbugua is NOT A MAN! She’s a woman. A transgender woman.

It is worth noting though that, after close scrutiny, THE STANDARD MEDIA, is absolutely homophobic, biphobic and especially TRANSPHOBIC. I wonder why.

Clearly there is someone at the top who is a clear trans/bi/homophobe! How annoying it is! NKT!

I have no clue when they are going to begin seeing queer people as PEOPLE and stop mis-identifying them, vilifying them, insulting them, calling them things they clearly aren’t. Sensationalist journalism will take them nowhere!

From now henceforth, I’m not taking anything KTN, THE STANDARD and the rest of their crap seriously! I’m done!




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