#Kenyaism: Niletee Souve!

New word? Naah.. I’m sure you’ve seen/heard it somewhere…

For me, it is the word I use to describe those who have “peculiar” behaviour that is pretty Kenyan.

For example, a Kenyan travels to another country…

The friends: “Eh ebu enjoy yourself…. na uniletee kitu!”

Or: “Aki usikose kuniletea kasouve!”

Funny how they expect you to have copious amounts of cash when travelling. But I guess it stems from a culture where anyone travelling outside the country, and especially by air, is considered blessed/lucky and thus has the means to and is expected to bring gifts back home.

Remember: “Daddy/Mummy uliniletea nini” *while rummaging through briefcase/handbag*

I wonder if this is something we will ever outgrow…

Doubt it.

What do you think?




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