Will you be my boyfriend? by @daidey

Once again I bump into something I resonate with too well :-). Enjoy!


Relationships….one word, millions of reactions. When it comes to relationships, opinions come in all shapes and sizes from the do’s and don’ts, the roles that are to be played by each partner, expectations and what the ultimate relationship should consequently amount to. Our impression on these things is far from ubiquitous and what works for one person is abhorrent to another. One thing that seems almost always universally acceptably however, is the notion that a relationship should be initiated by the man (my focus is solely on heterosexual relations). This idea is rooted so deep in us that it is almost absolute. It comes so naturally and we obey it with unquestionable reverence.

Once upon a time, I really liked this guy. They say that women can tell a few minutes into the first encounter with a man whether he is a road worth treading on or not. He was…

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