As Thunderous as Kidero’s Slap: Ole wa Shebesh!

YES! I agree completely!

Black Roses

What’s the measurement of who deserves a slap? If there was one, I could have already slapped a lot of people, from makangas along my route unnecessarily overcharging matatu fare and other motorists hooting pointlessly at me. I guess there are lots of people who deserve to be slapped, but we don’t just go slapping them, at least just to respect the rule of law. That brings me to the thunderous Governor Kidero Slap, which landed on Women’s Rep Rachel Shebesh last Friday, after an altercation regarding City Council’s ‘ghost’ workers.

The slap has been widely rebuked while celebrated all the same, with most parties agreeing that it’s outright wrong for a man to hit a woman, then comes 1,000 BUTs. I will respond step by step to all the excuses and reasons why most people are trying to justify Shebesh being slapped:

  • Trying to rubbish the call (especially by…

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