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A few weeks ago, someone very close to me began suffering from depression. Nothing in particular triggered it. It is not a reaction to a painstaking event which unfolded out of thin air. At least not something starkly visible.

This person is in his 7th week of this ordeal. He has been diagnosed with “severe depression”.

I may look at this person as a separate entity from myself. As someone “other” from my own flesh. But what he is feeling and cannot express pains me as if it is my mind which is drowning itself in this disease. With an almost domino-like effect, all those people who try and try to keep him afloat are drowning in this ocean of despair he is immersed  within.

Depression is a disease. A disease with causes, symptoms and treatments. Yet, many members of society look upon it as a mental prison of choosing…

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When I see you cry, when you are taught about us, the INVISIBLE “I”

Intersex Day of Remembrance is November 8th.

Mx. Anunnaki Ray

It is huge for me, to break the silence, with Dr. Judi Herring, M.D.,  and share with you the atrocities faced by intersex people.  Most of us have heard the acronyms,  LGBT, which stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender.  My story is about the “I”, that is rarely mentioned, and of course “I” stands for intersex.

I thank you for listening with care, and hearing my story.  I see your tears out in the audience when I talk to you.  I see you squirm in your seat, as you watch Dr. Herring’s TEDx GENDER BOUND, and you learn about things kept from you, that were never taught to you in this world until now.

My heart goes out to each and every one of you as your world crumbles to your feet and you learn about terrible human rights violations.  When you find out why they needed…

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World Health Organisation Warns That Consumption Of Kale Leads To Arrogance


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has released a new report today warning that consumption of the ‘super-food’ kale over a period of time can lead consumers to have heightened levels of arrogance.

The study was conducted in several cafes in Sydney’s beach-side suburb of Bondi and also its inner-city suburb of Newton where kale consumption is almost at epidemic levels.

A spokesperson for the WHO told The (un)Australian: “These findings though alarming are not surprising, I mean we’ve all been at a dinner party and had to endure the whining of a vegetarian or worse a vegan, talking about how superior they are to us carnivores.

“Until recently they merely whined, now with the introduction of kale and to a lesser extent quinoa their whining is now more boastful and confrontational.”

Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce is currently considering legislation to confront the kale epidemic and has not ruled…

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The Jadudi Report

On Emmanuel Otieno (popularly known as Jadudi) is a 24 year old Kenyan university student who has lived the reality of a brain cancer diagnosis. On 4th August 2015 the #1MilliForJadudi campaign was launched, with the goal of raising KES1 million (USD9,492) towards this worthy cause.

In just two days #1MilliforJadudi had raised  KES 7,256,096 towards the cause, seven times the initial goal. Just how did this happen? And what does it mean? The Jadudi Report goes into answering these questions. Download it below.

The Jadudi Report Cover

Download Here

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